2020 NAES O&M Annual Conference

​When and Where?: The 2020 NAES O&M Annual Conference will be held at the Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday, February 25th - Thursday, February 27th, 2020. What’s Happening?: TC&E will be exhibiting at the Vendor Fair and Reception...

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The Role Gas Turbine Controls Play in Power Plant Reliability

Gas turbines play a huge role in power plant reliability. The gas turbine is the first major piece of equipment that needs to start. Without a reliable gas turbine control system, your major equipment is out of the game. In this article, we will explain the role of gas turbines in the startup process, and why they are so important for the reliability of your power plant.

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What You Should Know About Preventative Maintenance for the LCI’s Disconnect Switches

Performing preventative maintenance (PM) on gas turbine static start systems is crucial to ensure a plant’s ability to consistently start up their equipment. The benefits of a proper PM plan include increased equipment longevity and the reduction of forced outage events. Understanding these systems and the necessary maintenance involved can also help plant personnel to make informed decisions regarding the need for equipment upgrades.

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3 Different Failure Modes of LCIs

As LCI static start systems age, failures are more common. System failures cost businesses and plants hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime, penalties, fees, and repairs. However, by understanding the different failure modes of LCIs, you can be more proactive...

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Turbine Controls: When to Upgrade, When NOT to Upgrade

One question we get asked frequently is if a turbine control upgrade is really necessary. Just because an OEM tells you that you need to upgrade your turbine control system doesn’t mean you have to. Here are some insights on whether or not a turbine control upgrade is necessary, how upgrades affect controls, and what to check for when performing maintenance.

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