It’s no secret that the power plant industry has changed. From emerging energy technologies, decreasing renewable energy costs, and increasing equipment maintenance costs, these are just some of the driving forces behind changes in how traditional power plants operate.

Over the years, TC&E has formed several key alliance partnerships with other big names in the power industry, such as Emerson, Basler, and TMEIC, just to name a few. 

But why are so many customers coming to TC&E? It’s what we like to call the trust factor. In this article, we will explain more about why customers are leaving the OEM and looking to other solutions for their power plant equipment maintenance and upgrade needs. 

The “Power” of Working Together 

TC&E has been able to leverage its alliance partnerships with multiple non-OEM agencies, including Emerson, Balser, and TMEIC to collaborate on customer projects. 

For example, TC&E has helped coordinate many projects, such as 7FAs to provide turbine control systems and electric gas valve actuators as well as serve as the installation and commissioning engineers. On a multi-unit 7FA plant in the United States, a customer was upgrading to ovation turbine controls and Young & Franklin electric gas values. Due to TC&E’s knowledge base on both systems, the team was commissioned to integrate both systems.

Although TC&E doesn’t coordinate all projects directly, the team has brought partnerships together to work on the smooth execution of multiple non-OEM projects

For example, Young & Franklin and Emerson don’t have a direct relationship. TMEIC and Emerson don’t have a direct relationship. However, TC&E has relationships with both. Therefore, TC&E was able to bring together non-OEM technology to work together, which makes plant managers’ lives easier each day. The ease of operability, the ease of troubleshooting and repair, the commonality of components all make maintaining the system easier. This also means having to stock fewer parts, less training needed for their technicians and operators, and it increases system efficiency and reliability in the long run.

Why Customers and OEMs Trust TC&E

Customers are beginning to recognize the value of non-OEM systems. However, there are few companies that can support them. TC&E can support customers who have chosen to go with non-OEM control products from different vendors. So, if customers want or need a total plant solution from an actual execution standpoint, TC&E handles the field execution, installation, commissioning, and support.

TC&E has the experience, knowledge, and a professional team of field engineers. This is one reason why customers go the non-OEM route: they have large amounts of trust in the reliability of the installation commissioning and the hardware. 

Both customers and the OEMs recognize the team’s ability to be the professionals in the field during installation, startup, commissioning, and all non-OEM tasks. Third-party OEMs have also come to TC&E since few companies have the knowledge and resources available to integrate these different systems. This is why Emerson, Basler, and TMEIC have all put their trust in TC&E to be their only authorized service provider.

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