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Specializing in gas turbine, steam turbine, and generator controls systems.

All Field Engineers are OEM Trained.

Our Commitment

Sending the right field engineer to the right job 100% of the time

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Your Power Systems Advocate

Whether you are maintaining older equipment or planning to upgrade to newer technology, TC&E can provide unbiased technical advice and help develop the best strategy for your equipment and operational needs. 

We Know Your Equipment

Does this sound familiar?  “We just spend $400/hr for a MKVI field engineer to tell us we have a problem with our exciter.  Now we have to fly in an exciter field engineer to troubleshoot the next part of the problem”. When you have multiple system issues we have the solution… one field engineer who understands how to work with and troubleshoot all of your systems.  Our entire field engineering team is OEM trained and cross trained on multiple systems within your plant.  TC&E personnel are experts in turbine and generator controls systems, meaning we know your power plant systems.  Don’t bother with other service providers who can only send one field engineer per system, wasting time and money.  TC&E offers the most affordable rates in the industry for some of the most recognized talent in the field engineering community, saving you time and money.   




24 / 7 Technical Support

Our engineering staff is dedicated to first offering technical phone support to help troubleshoot and resolve any issues your facility may be experiencing.  This service is generally free of charge for minor issue resolution. If phone support cannot solve the issue, TC&E can dispatch a field engineer to your site, in most circumstances within 24hrs.  So give us a call or request a quote online.


Our Commitment

TC&E is focused on providing the service support our customers require. We are continually striving to be the most cost effective provider of top quality field engineers in the industry. TC&E is committed to sending the right engineer to the right job 100% of the time. TC&E's goal is to provide the best quality field engineers at the most affordable rates in the order to keep our customers operating trouble free for years to come.