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Manage your turbine system with TC&E

The requirements for gas turbine systems control are among the most challenging in the utility industry. To manage and maintain gas turbines in a safe and cost-effective manner requires highly skilled personnel who understand both the turbine operations and the controls system used to support it.

TC&E can provide those highly skilled personnel to perform general maintenance, troubleshooting, start up support and even DLN tuning. Our field engineers understand not only your turbine controls, but how your turbine fundamentally operates with all the accessory skids and plant BOP.

Our Specialization

TC&E specializes in GE industrial and Aero gas turbine control systems. Our gas turbine controls field team is among the industry’s most experienced engineers.

We can help support any of the control systems and HMI’s as listed here:

  • SpeedTronic™
  • MKI
  • MKII
  • MKIV
  • MKV
  • MKVe
  • MKVI
  • MKVIe
  • IDOS
  • Windows HMI (NT, XP, Win7 & 10)
  • Cimplicity Screens
  • VersaMax
  • RX3i
  • 90/30
  • 90/70

Services Offered

Although TC&E does not specifically stock spare parts, we work with several vendors and can usually obtain critical parts in under 24 hours at prices equal to or better than the OEM.

  • I&C calibrations & loop checks
  • Gas Valve, IGV, and Bleed Heat Calibration
  • Startup support pre/post outage
  • Vibrations Monitoring & Calibration
  • DLN Tuning 1.0, 2.0, 2.6 & Liquid
  • HMI file and record organization

  • HMI Backup and Restoration
  • Thermocouple verification
  • Loop & Function Checkout

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Using the latest technology, components, and lessons learned through decades of experience, TC&E can ensure complete reliability for both start-up and continuous operation.


Spending good money where it makes the most difference! We understand that O&M budgets are shrinking, so we work with the plants to understand where and when to repair, replace, or upgrade for maximum return.


This is the key to success in today’s competitive power markets. Heat Rate, Capacity, Start-Up, and Maintenance Costs are critical to the success of aging power plants.


Aging systems can continue to provide reliable service for many years to come with the proper service, maintenance, and repairs. Push your upgrades out 5-10 years with confidence.

Success Story

TC&E always supports MEAG Power with the most experienced field engineers at the right time. whether a planned outage or when things go bump in the night, TC&E has been there for me with the right people or hard to find parts resources when I needed them.
Matt Engelbert

Principal Engineer, MEAG Power, Plant Wansley Unit 9.

TC&E has always provided a high level of expertise and detail on our site—most notably, custom-tailored projects to reduce parasitic load during the off-peak seasons using logic and controls.

Marco Ferreira Jr.

Ocean Peaking Power LLC, Cogentrix

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