TC&E Partner – Casco Systems


Casco Systems is located in Cumberland, ME where their staff of experienced engineers provide a wide range of control and automation solutions for the power generation marketplace. Their objective is to provide industry-best solutions equipping power generators to respond to the rapidly changing supply characteristics of a wholesale market increasingly dominated by renewable energy sources.

The company specializes in three areas of power generation:

  • monitoring and control,
  • communications and cyber security
  • integration and automation.

As power suppliers find they must respond faster, and more frequently, to dispatch orders from system operators, their generation assets are forced into roles dramatically different from their original design. With the increased emphasis on elimination of “no-start” events, Casco monitoring solutions show generation owners the exact status of their assets at all times. This real-time data enables them to address issues before they impact the ability to generate.

Protection of generation assets from damage, both natural and man-caused, has never been more critical. Casco provides solutions to protect vital generation assets against damage from operational events (overcurrent, lightning, shorts) and from outside threats. FERC identifies generation assets as critical infrastructure components, likely targets of cyber attacks by terrorist or state-sponsored bad actors. Loss of generation can significantly damage the economy and disrupt the daily lives of millions, making their protection vital to our national interest.