TC&E Partner – Powerphase

PowerPhase was founded with the goal of enabling gas turbines to serve as the perfect complement to renewable energy sources. As renewable sources increase their percentage of the total fuel mix, grid operators need a way to address the variability that characterizes renewable assets. The grid operators need generation assets they can dispatch in seconds to fill in the supply gaps created by renewable sources.

Powerphase has identified existing gas turbines (GTs) as an ideal solution for this new power supply reality. Through a set of innovative solutions, Powerphase can convert existing GTs, typically the most efficient assets in a fleet, to meet this lucrative new role, one totally different than their intended use.

The Powerphase solution equips existing GTs to:

  • start in seconds,
  • perform at nameplate output rating regardless of ambient temperature or altitude, and
  • store energy as compressed air to further increase operational efficiency.
Powerphase solutions are engineered to fit in the smallest footprint possible to maximize space utilization and minimize disruption of existing equipment. If necessary, select components can be installed as far as a mile away to accommodate your site’s unique requirements. These solutions can be installed either during scheduled outages or with minimal downtime.