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Using the latest technology, components, and lessons learned through decades of experience, TC&E can ensure complete reliability for both start-up and continuous operation.


This is the key to success in today’s competitive power markets. Heat Rate, Capacity, Start-Up, and Maintenance Costs are critical to the success of aging power plants.


Spending good money where it makes the most difference! We understand that O&M budgets are shrinking, so we work with the plants to understand where and when to repair, replace, or upgrade for maximum return.


Aging systems can continue to provide reliable service for many years to come with the proper service, maintenance, and repairs. Push your upgrades out 5-10 years with confidence.

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TC&E has partnered with TMEIC to offer a complete turnkey LCI DFE Package. This upgrade will keep your LCI reliable and your turbine available with certainty. Request a quote today.



TC&E has partnered with Basler Electric to provide complete turnkey EX DFE packages to ensure your generator is always ready to make power when called to run. Request a quote today.


Young & Franklin

TC&E now offers Young & Franklin electro-mechanically actuated (EMA) gas control valves designed specifically for the challenging operating conditions of industrial gas turbines.

Our REAL Solutions for REAL Problems

TC&E is focused on the ever-changing needs of our customers. It is our mission to provide the highest quality Field Engineers with the correct skill set to support our customers’ requests. We commit to providing the customer with cost-effective solutions to improving the REAL issues of your plants.  

TC&E provides support and troubleshooting services, power generation solutions and expert engineering support to meet the growing needs of today’s power industry. From the newest technology to the aging fleet of turbine generators, TC&E can support all your needs.

TC&E provides expert support in all GE Turbine Control Systems, Excitation, and LCI Static Starters. We also have a wide range of knowledge of other platforms including but not limited to Instrumentation, PLC, Protection Relays, BOP and Mechanical systems. If TC&E doesn’t have an expert in-house, we know someone who does.

Let us bring our industry-best capabilities to your systems!

Customer Testimonials

“TC&E has always provided a high level of expertise and detail on our site—most notably, custom-tailored projects to reduce parasitic load during the off-peak seasons using logic and controls.”

Marco Ferreira Jr.

Ocean Peaking Power LLC, Cogentrix

“TC&E provides unsurpassed expertise in gas turbine controls and ancillary systems. Their Engineers understand the power industry and the urgency to make our turbine reliable. That is why we use TC&E exclusively for all our turbine solutions.”

Richard E. Lizotte

Plant Manager, Bucksport Generation, LLC

“TC&E has been a valued partner for us since 2010. They solved our starting sequence issues in our LCI and that had plagued us for 15 years. TC&E always answers the call when we need assistance.”

BJ Dunlap

Rumford Power

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