Thanks to Southern Company for their great hospitality in Birmingham, AL. TC&E met with many plant managers who said they could benefit from greater reliability, efficiency, affordability, and longevity (REAL)—at their power plants. TC&E continues to make inroads with the largest regulated utilities as we bring our experience working on more than 400 power plants globally. Southern Company plant managers were also interested to learn about TC&E’s partnerships with OEMs—TMEIC, Basler, and Young & Franklin. TC&E looks forward to building a long-term relationship with Southern Company.

“Southern Company is a world-class utility with tremendous internal resources. Because all of TC&E’s field engineers are senior people with decades of experience, based here in the US, we can offer many options to help Southern Company lower O&M costs and keep their fleet running at peak performance.” – John Downing, President & CEO, TC&E