Many LCI static start systems were installed decades ago. As a result, our team is beginning to see more frequent LCI startup issues and equipment failures. The best way to ensure your LCI static start system is functional is to make upgrades. However, not every upgrade that is recommended is necessary.

In this article, we will explain the most common TILs and LCI upgrades, which your plant should prioritize, and how TC&E and TMEIC can help.

About TMEIC and TC&E

TMEIC has supplied safe, reliable, and efficient industrial drives to the power generation sector for decades. During the design of the original LCI, GE partnered with TMEIC to develop a product that would prove to be an extremely robust and reliable starting means for the 7FA fleet. Since then, TMEIC evolved that portion of the business into the premier supplier of state-of-the-art digital LCI Static Starter controls.

Today, TMEIC’s solutions provide a graphic user interface (GUI) along with much deeper, more precise control and optimization of the LCI’s operation. TC&E is a trusted partner and installation services provider, working alongside TMEIC to integrate their state-of-art solutions.

Which TILs and LCI Upgrades Should Your Plant Prioritize?

Here are some common TILs and the recommended upgrades.

#1 TIL 1750 Water Cooled Resistor Leaks

These are water-cooled resistor banks above the source and load bridge, inside the LCI compartment. They are known to crack open and leak coolant onto the LCI bridge. There are nine of these resistors and the replacement kit is available.  TC&E can help procure and install this kit in two to three days on T&M rates.

#2 TIL 1755 is the Water-Cooled Bus Bars

Not all units have these bus bars, and we have seen multiple occasions where the OEM does not have the appropriate records to remotely confirm if a site has water-cooled bus bars currently installed or not.  TC&E can perform an onsite inspection to verify if you have water-cooled bus bars. If the bars need replacement, TC&E has designed a competitively priced replacement kit with minimal lead time. TC&E can install this kit at your facility in two to three days.

#3 Controls Upgrade: Digital Front End (DFE)

LCI controls hardware has aged and could fail at any time, causing a multi-day or week-long forced outage.

The DFE replaces all the control section cards, PLC and the Power Supplies. The OEM no manufactures or stocks older LCI controls hardware, making these systems obsolete.  Your LCI is a very robust piece of equipment, however, the controls hardware upgrades need to be considered and TC&E can help.

TMEIC and TC&E can provide a higher functioning DFE than that offered by the OEM at a more competitive price.

#4 TIL 2065 NATO Board

These board upgrades are not quite as imminent but still require investigating. If they fail, you could experience a week-long forced outage that requires board replacement. These boards may have to be purchased from GE.

TC&E may also be able to help locate NATO Boards from our suppliers to avoid OEM lead times. 

#5 TIL 1414-3r1 Reservoir Tank Low Low-Level Alarm

This alarm may intermittently trigger and prevent the unit from obtaining a ready to start. The TIL offered a software fix by installing a longer timer before the alarm would lock in.

The real problem is that the cooling water pump panel manifolds are experiencing corrosion from the inside out just like the water-cooled bus bar 90 deg fittings. We have found the check valves, orifices, and three-way temp control valve to be completely corroded and ineffective. When the orifices in the return lines to the reservoir are eroded, the high flow into the tank causes waves which in turn trigger the alarm.

The proper fix is to replace the orifice and eroded parts in the manifold. Some sites have replaced this entire manifold with a full stainless-steel manifold manufactured by a local vendor. 

How TC&E Can Help 

Because of our alliance with TMEIC, TC&E can help you with the upgrades you need to make to ensure your LCI static start system continues to start up and to help your plant avoid costly failures.

TC&E and TMEIC provide the highest quality products in the industry, while maintaining the competitive pricing and lead times your plant needs.

Contact TC&E today for a quote.

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