In the last decade, TC&E has seen an increase in the need to repair, replace, and upgrade various plant equipment and hardware. Additionally, more and more power plant customers are taking the non-OEM route when it comes to upgrading their systems and equipment. Few service providers today can provide this level of support, but TC&E can.

How TC&E Works with OEMs and Customers

Over the years, TC&E has formed several key alliance partnerships with other big names in the power industry, such as Emerson, Basler, and TMEIC, just to name a few. 

TC&E is equipped with the necessary experience, knowledge, and a professional team of experienced field engineers. Therefore, TC&E is able to support customers who have chosen to go with non-OEM control products by offering various solutions from different vendors. TC&E also handles everything from field execution to installation as well as commissioning and support. The TC&E team brings experience and knowledge to the customer that establishes a level of trust in the reliability of the installation and hardware.

TC&E and Basler Projects

In the last decade, TC&E has performed dozens of OEM ABR digital front ends (DFEs) utilizing Basler, DECS250, DECS400, and DECS2100 systems. In these types of projects, an integration between other systems—such as a Basler system and an Emerson system—is possible.

At the beginning of 2020, TC&E worked in partnership with Basler on replacing four 7FA EX2000 systems, which are also known as hot backup excitation systems. In this particular project, the customer chose to upgrade their equipment due to obsolescent parts, a lack of turbine OEM field engineers to support EX2000, and older analog systems. 

Because our team of field engineers is experienced with working on older systems, TC&E was selected to help install, implement, and integrate these types of projects.

Additionally, a major North American utility is retrofitting its entire fleet of GE 7FA gas turbines to Young & Franklin electric gas valves and actuators. Based on our experience and partnership with the OEM, TC&E was selected as the vendor for full turn-key removal, replacement, and commissioning of the Young & Franklin gas valves.

Why Customers and OEMs Work with TC&E

Because TC&E is equipped with the necessary knowledge, experience, and professional resources, both customers and OEMs recognize TC&E’s ability to serve as the professional team to be onsite during installation, startup, commissioning, and perform any other non-OEM tasks. This is why Emerson, Basler, and TMEIC have all put their trust in TC&E to be their only authorized service provider.

To learn more about our projects, or to request a free quote, contact the team at TC&E today.

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